‘BioShock Infinite’ Takes Top Spot On UK Sales Charts

BioShock Infinite #1 on Sales Charts

BioShock Infinite has taken the top spot in the UK sales charts one week after it was officially released. That really shouldn’t surprise anyone who was paying attention.

The game has been one of the most hyped video games of the year with critics and gamers alike loving the look, the feel, and the story behind the title.

The launch for this particular iteration of the series actually counted as the biggest of the series, topping even the much anticipated BioShock 2.

As big a launch as it was for Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, it couldn’t quite topple the ridiculously successful launch of Tomb Raider, which still holds the biggest launch of the year.

When it comes to second place, game developers Take 2 will certainly be plenty happy with the second biggest launch of the young year.

BioShock Infinite may have taken the top spot, but Tomb Raider is still standing strong despite all those reports of disappointing sales. Lara Croft seems to have quite a foothold on the second spot this week.

Coming in third was last week’s top game, Gears of War: Judgement with FIFA 13 in the fourth spot and Luigi’s Mansion 2 rounding out the top five.

Considering that Luigi’s Mansion 2 is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive, the fact that it managed to open at the fifth spot on the sales chart is quite a feat.

Another Nintendo exclusive, Lego City: Undercover opened on the sales charts at number 12. The Wii U only game might be showing just how many struggles there are in order to generate interest in the Wii U and its games.

The interesting thing to watch over the next couple of weeks will be just how long the newest BioShock game can actually hold the lead.

Do you think BioShock Infinite can pull a Tomb Raider and hold onto the top spot for multiple weeks?