NFL News: Indianapolis Colts Reveal New Uniforms And Secondary Logo

The Indianapolis Colts are rolling into the 2020 NFL season with a new secondary logo and uniforms to go with their new quarterback. On Monday, the Colts unveiled their updated look, which honors not only their home state but also the iconic football franchise’s past.

For 67 years, the Colts have kept their look relatively the same from Baltimore to Indianapolis. This year’s change isn’t anything overly drastic. Still, it will deliver a bit of a modernized look to go along with a new secondary logo that encompasses the entirety of the state of Indiana.

According to Indy Star, a secondary logo with a big letter “C” and the shape of Indiana inside of it will be used to complement the classic horseshoe logo. Anvil black has also been added as a secondary color to go along with the traditional blue, white, and gray.

Along with the secondary logo and color addition, the Colts will also have a new wordmark that changes the font of their team nickname.

Colts owner and vice-chair Carlie Irsay-Gordon said that these changes are happening to honor the history of the team while also embracing the state.

“The Horseshoe remains our most timeless mark, worn by some of the greatest players in NFL history and loved by some of football’s greatest fans, Colts Nation. These new logos — particularly our new Indiana logo — honor our rich history, cement our real and lasting connection to Indiana and embrace the exciting future that lies ahead.”

On the secondary logo are seven dots called grommets, which is the same number on the horseshoe design the team has had for decades. The “C” logo is being added to the inside of the neckline of each player’s uniform.

The uniforms aren’t receiving a drastic change, but fans will notice the different look of the numbers on the jerseys. The numbers are going to be more block formatted, which represents how they initially looked during Johnny Unitas’ time as the quarterback in Baltimore.

A new quarterback will wear these new uniforms as the Colts signed Philip Rivers to a one-year deal worth $25 million in March.

Indianapolis is one of seven NFL teams that will have new uniforms or logos for the 2020 regular season. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Atlanta Falcons have unveiled new uniform sets while the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers have new logos and uniforms. The Cleveland Browns and New England Patriots will also have new looks when the season begins.

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