Jessa Duggar Shares Easter Photos Of Family All Dressed Up In Their Sunday Best And Bare Feet

Jessa Duggar didn’t let social distancing spoil her Easter fun, despite it being quite a bit different than her usual holiday celebration with her huge family and going to church. Instead, the Counting On star spent the holiday with just her husband, Ben Seewald, and their three kids — Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 10 months. They gathered up the troops to put on their Sunday best to pose for a few family photos.

The 27-year-old mom took to her Instagram account on Sunday to share the sweet snaps of her family at their home in Arkansas. The series of three pictures featured them all dressed up and smiling for the camera. That is not exactly a small feat when it comes to getting three small children to pose for the perfect snapshot. One thing that is quite obvious in these photos is that most of the Seewalds were all barefoot, except for Ben, who wore colorful socks.

The first of the three pics shows Jessa stooping down to hold onto her middle child, Henry, who was standing in front of her. She wore a brown dress with buttons down the front and belted at the waist. Her long brown hair was left down around her shoulders. It also looks like she threw just a little hint of makeup on for the day.

Blond-haired Henry wore tan pants and a gray suit jacket with a white shirt underneath. His big brother Spurgeon stood behind them wearing a pair of dark jeans and a long-sleeved printed shirt. His look was a bit more casual, but just as cute.

Ben also stooped down for the photo as he held onto their daughter. He opted to wear a pair of jeans with a navy suit jacket and a light pink shirt underneath. His orange and navy socks stood out in contrast to the rest of his family going barefoot.

Ivy Jane looked adorable in a green dress with bunnies on it. She had a yellow bow in her hair as well. In the family photo, she looked a little shell-shocked. However, in the second picture — that featured just her and Ben — she smiled, her big eyes sparkling.

The third snapshot focused on the two boys who were standing in front of Jessa and Ben. They looked quite handsome as they posed for the camera. Duggar fans loved seeing them all dressed up.

“Love the ‘fancy’ clothes and bare feet,” one of her followers wrote.

“All 3 kids looking in the same direction,” observed another fan.

Jessa has done her best to stay at home with her family during the coronavirus pandemic. However, that doesn’t mean she has shied away from social media. Just recently, the TLC star posted a sweet photo of her “quaranteam,” which included her three kids while Ben was out taking care of the yard work. She seems to be doing her part to keep them safe at home, but she has mentioned how much she misses the rest of her family.

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