Kate Beckinsale Works Out In Tiny Pink Shorts And A White Sports Bra As Her Cat Licks Her Easter Treats

Kate Beckinsale spent part of her Easter holiday working up a sweat while she watched one of her cute cats licking a box of sweets.

On Sunday, Kate took to Instagram to share a video that combined two of her followers favorite things: Kate working out in a revealing outfit and one of her Persian cats doing something silly. The 46-year-old Underworld actress was rocking a white sports bra and a pair of skintight pink shorts. Her bottoms were so tiny that one of her Instagram followers observed that it almost looked like she wasn’t wearing any at all.

Kate had her long brunette hair pulled back, and she was wearing a thick white headband. She likely needed the headwear to keep the sweat out of her eyes, because she was doing some rather intense cardio. She was jumping up and down as she lifted her arms up in the air. She was also kicking her legs up in various different positions as she performed her fittingly hop-centric Easter workout.

Kate’s camera had been placed far away in the kitchen, and she appeared to be in the living room. This made it difficult to see exactly what she was doing. However, one of her Instagram followers asked her about her workout, and she revealed that she was doing a LEKFIT routine. The cardio classes require the use of a rebounder trampoline, which explains why she was bouncing up and down so quickly.

One of Kate’s two Persian cats, Willow, was hanging out on the kitchen island while she worked out. The fluffy kitty was licking the corner of a purple Cadbury Crunchie egg box.

In the caption of her Instagram post, Kate remarked on the “toxic Easter dynamic” in her home.

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In the first hour since it was posted, Kate’s funny Easter video received over 34,000 likes from her 4.1 million followers. As usual, her fans also had plenty to say about her upload.

“Looks like the cat is coping fine,” one fan opined.

“You couldn’t be any more inspiring or amazing!!” another admirer gushed.

“Your cat is hilarious,” read a third response to the video.

“I always liked you, then I saw the Crunchie Easter eggs and realised I love you. Happy Easter,” a fourth fan remarked.

Willow often makes appearances in Kate’s Instagram videos that are filmed in her kitchen. The kitty used to nap inside a fruit bowl, but Kate eventually found a banana-shaped cat bed that Willow fell in love with. The bed made an appearance in a video that showed Kate poking fun at her kitty’s new sleeping spot by dancing to a Bananarama song as Willow tried to relax.

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