Woman Retrieving Cell Phone Nearly Killed By Train [Video]

Brazilian woman nearly killed by train retrieving cell phone

Sao Paulo, Brazil – A woman who jumped on the subway tracks to retrieve her lost cell phone had a brush with death when she was almost run over by a train.

In a way, you could say it was a “close call.”

The young woman whose phone apparently fall onto the train tracks was pulled to safety just in the nick of time as the oncoming red train pulled into the Metro station in the east zone of Sao Paulo. The whole near-death experience was caught on cell phone video (see dramatic footage below) at Sao Paulo’s Corinthians-Itaquera train station. “Footage filmed on a mobile phone shows the moment she scrambled back onto the platform with barely a second to spare as a train pulled to a halt.”

The woman who climbed down to the tracks was shaken but thankfully unharmed, and she is very fortunate to be alive thanks to the quick action by the good Samaritans. “This is probably the luckiest girl in Brazil and one of the closest calls ever caught on camera!”

The Sao Paulo Metro is the main rapid-transit system in the city of Sao Paulo and the largest in Brazil. It is said to be the second largest system in South America and the third largest in Latin America, behind the Mexico City Metro and the Santiago Metro. The Sao Paulo subway system consists of five color-coded lines and transports about 4.5 million passengers each day.

Regardless of how much important data is stored in a device, do you think it is “smart” for someone to jump onto the tracks to rescue a dropped smartphone? Would you under any circumstances risk being hit by a train to reclaim a phone?