Hideo Kojima Reportedly Not Interested In ‘Silent Hills’ Revival, Has Eye On Another Project

Hideo Kojima is reportedly ready to get back to work. A new report indicates he’s gearing up to start work on his first project since Death Stranding launched. While some fans of the man best known for creating the Metal Gear universe are hoping Silent Hills could be that next project, at least one industry insider is throwing cold water on the idea.

Rumors have been floating around for quite a while now that Konami, Sony, and Kojima talked recently about bringing back Silent Hills. The game was initially teased in a playable demo titled PT. Much like Death Stranding, the game was set to feature Norman Reedus as the protagonist.

After Konami and Kojima went their separate ways, the project was shelved, and PT was pulled from digital stores. This winter, a reportedly repaired relationship between the two sides led to talk that Silent Hills could come back and launch next year on the PS5.

Tyler Fischer of Comicbook points out that the rumors about a resurrection have come from credible sources. However, one well-trusted industry insider who goes by the name of Dusk Golem posted on the video game message board Resetera that Kojima has his eyes on another project. Shelving the return of Silent Hills until a later date wouldn’t work in this case, the poster claimed, as the famed game director simply isn’t all that interested in it at this point.

The insider says Kojima is in high demand after the successful launch of Death Stranding. Metacritic‘s composite ratings have it at an 82, and several publications awarded the title Game of the Year.

If Kojima has signed onto a new project, it’s not yet known. He has made it clear in the past that he would like to return to the horror genre in some way. Users on the aforementioned message board guessed he might be moving over to Epic Games to work on their next project, though those comments are all conjecture.

Fischer rightly points out that even if the Resetera poster is a trusted insider who has managed to leak accurate information in the past, leakers tend to get things wrong, and badly, from time to time.

What is known is that nothing is set in stone at the moment. Konami and Sony might wish to bring back Silent Hills in some form, but they haven’t confirmed the project is even in its early stages. Kojima is also known to misdirect his fans on just what he is working on, so it’s never clear what rumors surrounding him are real and what are intentionally fabricated.

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