Simone Biles Takes On The Handstand Challenge By Removing Her Pants With Her Feet

Gymnastics champion Simone Biles took the handstand challenge to the next level by removing her sweatpants while she was balancing on her hands.

On Saturday, the four-time Olympic gold medalist took to Instagram to prove that she would likely win another gold medal if the handstand challenge were an Olympic sport. As reported by CNN, SpiderMan: Homecoming star Tom Holland helped the handstand challenge go viral after he filmed himself putting on a shirt on while doing a handstand against a wall. He then challenged actor Jake Gyllenhaal to do the same.

Such a feat would likely be a piece of cake for an accomplished athlete like Simone, so she made the handstand challenge a lot more challenging by giving it her own unique twist. Instead of putting a shirt on, she took a pair of sweatpants off. She also didn’t use a wall for support.

Simone was wearing a white Nike sports bra and a pair of pink Nike sweatpants. She was shown getting in the handstand position, and she immediately began using her right foot to tug on her left pants leg. As she battled with her bottoms, she moved around on her hands to maintain her balance.

Simone curled her toes to get a better grip on her pants leg, and she switched legs after she managed to pull her pants down enough to expose the black waistband of the gray Nike Pro shorts that she was wearing underneath them.

Simone switched her focus back to freeing her left leg. She brought her knee towards her chest to pull the muscular limb out of her pants leg. However, thanks to the ankle cuffs on her sweats, it took some extra maneuvering to completely extract her leg from the garment.

Freeing her right leg proved to be an even bigger challenge. Simone decided to focus on getting the cuff over her foot first, and it took her a long time to accomplish this. However, she didn’t give up, and the determined athlete eventually managed to completely remove her pants.

Over the span of an hour, Simone’s video received over 164,000 likes. Her followers also took to the comments section of her post to express their amazement over her incredible demonstration of strength and balance.

“I love you woman but only YOU can do this,” wrote actress Halle Berry.

“You picked the hardest pair of sweatpants to kick off. Lol. I love it,” another comment read.

“The level of strength is insane,” a third admirer remarked.

“Honestly taking my pants off standing up is sometimes a challenge,” a fourth Instagrammer quipped.

This isn’t the only time Simone has wowed her fans by using her gymnastics skills in an innovative way. While she was on vacation in Belize, she used her tumbling abilities to execute an impressive dive after leaping off a high platform into the ocean.

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