Britney Spears Performs The Splits In A Workout Video Demonstrating What She Does To ‘Stay Sane’

Britney Spears impressed her fans with her flexibility as she demonstrated a few of her favorite exercises. The singer also spoke about how she’s been practicing self-care amid the COVID-19 outbreak.

On Thursday, Britney took to Instagram to share a new video with her 23.8 million followers. The 38-year-old “Toxic” songstress was addressing the camera inside a bedroom. Many of Britney’s past fitness videos have been filmed outdoors, but she explained that she was staying in because the sun wasn’t out.

“These are a couple of the things that I do just to stay sane and to balance myself out,” Britney said. “I do a little bit of prayer in the morning, and then I also do a lot of stretching and a little bit of yoga.”

For her indoor sweat session, Britney rocked a pair of tiny black Nike shorts and a gray T-shirt that was knotted in the front. Her athletic ensemble showed off her sculpted stomach and strong legs.

Britney accessorized her outfit with a black lace choker. She was wearing her long blond hair down at the beginning of her video, but she was later shown with it pulled back in a ponytail. She was sporting her signature dark eye makeup, which included charcoal gray eyeshadow and smudged black eyeliner on her upper and lower lash lines.

Britney began her video by getting down on her knees on the floor and placing her hands together to demonstrate how she prays. She was then shown perfectly executing a side split. She leaned forward and extended her arms out on the floor in front of her to deepen her stretch.

Britney gave the camel yoga pose her own unique spin by thrusting her hips forward and backward instead of simply holding the pose. She also did a few donkey kicks, and she moved her stomach around in circles while she was on her hands and knees.

Britney did a yoga transition from a downward dog to an upward dog pose a few times in a row. She was then shown stretching from side to side as she raised her arms up over her head.

In the caption of her Instagram video, Britney shared some words of encouragement with her fans. Her positivity was reflected in many of the responses to her post.

“Ugh I wish I were this limber and flexible! Best posts on the internet I swear. Queen of positivity,” wrote one fan.

“You’re so flexible and beautiful, queen of pop forever,” another admirer gushed.

“Thanks for sharing, Brit. You always make our days better, you deserve the world,” a third fan remarked.

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