Jameis Winston Chided By David Carr About Training Regimen

Jameis Winston has taken quite a bit of criticism during the offseason. Now, he’s even taking criticism over how he’s training and attempting to make himself better.

A video showing the former Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback training with a friend in an empty gym has made the rounds on social media. Eventually, the video found its way to former NFL quarterback turned NFL analyst David Carr. When Carr saw the video, he posted on Twitter that Winston wasn’t working on a drill that would help him get better.

“Stop paying your friends to train you. Stop. Get some help. I’ve been in a lot of collapsing pockets, and never once did I have defenders just flying at my head.”

Carr added a laughing emoji to his post. Before Winston was able to fire back, Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk reports another former NFL quarterback, Danny Kanell, joined the fray.

Kanell told Carr he thought the criticism of Winston was lame. He also said Winston is working hard to get another shot in the league. Kanell added he thinks the former Bucs signal-caller is going to prove a lot of his critics wrong.

The former Raiders and Texans quarterback fired back that he thinks Winston will get another shot as well, but the drill he’s running in the video isn’t going to make him any better. Kanell finished their exchange by saying there were plenty of exercises the league had players run at the NFL Combine that were useless as well. He added he thinks the drill — which showed the trainer pushing an oversized ball at Winston who then dodged it — could add some value.

It was at this point that Jameis Winston got involved in the conversation and sent out a tweet back at Carr.

“Hey bro I have nothing but love for you! Reach out to help or mind your business though. I’ve been working with my personal trainer since I was 14! We built this from the bottom and we’re still building. Treat others how you want to be treated bro!”

Along with the caption was a video of Winston dropping back in the pocket during a game, only to have a defender dive at him, and the quarterback avoided the defender. He likely chose that clip because the defender went high and appeared to be coming at his head.

When Winston isn’t arguing on Twitter, he’s busy trying to find a new team. After leading the league in interceptions last season, the Tampa Bay Bucs moved on from him and signed Tom Brady this offseason. The Inquisitr recently reported even if Tampa hadn’t signed the former New England Patriots star, they were looking to make a change under center.

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