April 7, 2020
Jax Taylor Reflects On 'Reckless' Behavior Before Revealing He And Wife Brittany Have 'Done A Lot For People'

Jax Taylor has come a long way since fans first met him on Vanderpump Rules Season 1 in January 2013, and he knows it.

On Twitter days ago, the longtime reality star and sometimes bartender at SUR Restaurant was asked about his potential regrets on the Bravo reality series and in response, he revealed that he's had plenty before opening up about his and his wife Brittany Cartwright's efforts to help others.

"I was watching the older episodes today & want to know if any of you regret past behaviors?" the fan asked.

"Of course I do," Taylor replied.

"I was reckless with my life and I didn't care about anyone or anything, downward spiral was happening. I was a complete wreck of a person. But it took me to hit rock bottom to figure it out."
In another post on Twitter, which came in response to a tweet from a fan that has since been deleted, Taylor revealed that he and Cartwright have done a lot for people before telling the fans that they simply haven't seen his and Cartwright's good deeds.
"My wife and I have done a lot for people. I am sorry you don't see what we do but we have helped so many and will continue to do so. Have a great day."
Taylor was forced to defend himself against the fan who deleted their tweet, as well as many others, after causing a stir with a tweet referencing Kim Kardashian. As Taylor's fans and followers likely noticed, Taylor wondered why Kardashian would be featured on a then-upcoming episode of The View after the show's official Twitter account promoted the episode and suggested that no one cared about how Kardashian and her family were doing amid the growing coronavirus pandemic.

Following Taylor's post about his and Cartwright's generosity towards others, several of his online audience members came to his defense, pointing out that Taylor likely hasn't gotten a lot of credit for the good things he's done for others because he doesn't make a spectacle out of them.

According to Taylor's followers, he and Cartwright purchased school supplies for teachers so their students wouldn't have to learn without the necessary tools and bought Christmas trees for people who couldn't afford them last year.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Taylor said that Kardashian's appearance on The View would be "dumb" before getting blasted by a number of people who pointed out that Kardashian had donated $1 million to the coronavirus efforts and noted that both she and husband Kanye West were producing medical supplies at her Skims factories and his Yeezy factories.