‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Tom Schwartz Explains Freak-Out Against Katie Maloney, Claims She Was ‘Self-Indulgent’

Tom Schwartz was seen lashing out at Katie Maloney on last week’s Vanderpump Rules after she slammed the cast for pulling a prank on her and others regarding the supposed “arrest” of Tom Sandoval.

After Schwartz was seen berating Maloney with disgust over the ordeal on the show, he appeared alongside Sandoval — who was not arrested nor charged with any crime — on the After Show. There, he explained why he was so upset with his wife while admitting that he should have been more compassionate towards her.

“I know that’s my wife and I should be compassionate but instead, I got really annoyed,” he recalled. “I thought it was really self-indulgent. She was over there stewing like, ‘That’s not cool. I do not think this is funny. I, I, I!’ It really rubbed me the wrong way.”

After Schwartz admitted that Maloney was visibly upset at the thought that Sandoval was actually being arrested, Sandoval accused his longtime best friend of poking his wife. Schwartz also revealed that he reverted to his and Maloney’s former dynamic, which was quite tumultuous.

As Vanderpump Rules fans will recall, Schwartz and Maloney feuded quite frequently before they wed in August 2016, especially after drinking. Luckily, in the moments since their North California wedding — which wasn’t actually made legal — they’ve been doing much better when it comes to avoiding petty disputes.

As Schwartz’s conversation with Sandoval and his producers continued, he said that he was out of line with the things he said to Maloney during their on-camera spat. However, he also said it “felt good” to finally react to something after being a typically non-reactionary person for the past several years.

Then, after Schwartz admitted that he ultimately felt horrible about what he said to Maloney and could barely sleep after their argument, Sandoval said that at the moment, lashing out at Maloney seemed to feel good to Schwartz.

Schwartz also remarked that his comment about not sleeping with his wife because of the way she acts is not true at all.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Schwartz demanded Maloney “shut up” during their dispute on Vanderpump Rules and also accused her of “ruining a great moment.” He then said that nobody cared about her opinion before declaring that he had never been more turned off by someone in his life.

Schwartz also said she was a “moron,” an “idiot,” and “so gross.”

Not surprisingly, fans were extremely upset about the many disses and took to social media to slam Schwartz for his behavior.

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