Blackberry's Leaked Plans Shows Phablets, More On Horizon

Oliver VanDervoort

Blackberry's road map was recently leaked and in those plans was laid out what the company would be working on in the coming months. The company is attempting to make a miraculous comeback after being all but left for dead by the tech industry in the last few years.

The Blackberry 10 smartphone launched last month and it appears that the company is looking to follow that up with a brand new line of wide screen smartphones that are most often referred to as Phablets.

In the plans that were leaked, there are three devices which are actually highlighted. It appears that the Blackberry is going to come back with a tablet that will sport a widescreen aspect. The tablet is expected to ship in the third quarter of this year.

The "U10" Phablet is going to also be shipping at the end of this year while another smartphone, being referred to as the R10 in the plans will be launching in the spring of 2014.

While the leaked plans, which come in the form of slides that were put together for a presentation don't have details there are drawings of the devices and what their screen size will be to one another in comparison.

Among the devices looks to be a smartphone that will have a flipout Qwerty equipped keyboard. If these devices actually do all come to the market, it would show that BB10's relaunch really wasn't a one time deal.

One has to wonder whether the rebirth of the company will actually be able to be pulled off, or whether this relaunch is merely putting off the failure of the company for another couple of months.

It seems that there are some who feel as though the company could find a way to stick. Issuing a Phablet could be one way to enter a market that is still fledgling but growing stronger.

Are you excited to hear about these new Blackberry devices?