‘Big Brother’ Casting Director Hints That Season 22 Is Still On Despite COVID-19 Shutdowns

Big Brother may still see the light of day this summer. The casting director for the long-running CBS reality show says it’s business as usual as she holds applicants to a strict deadline for the upcoming season.

Big Brother casting calls were canceled last month across the country as the COVID-19 health pandemic began to make headlines, but applicants were urged to apply for the show online.

In a new Twitter post, Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass wrote that the application deadline has ended but that she’s still getting hit with an onslaught of messages from wannabe contestants.

“The #BB22 application has been open for 6 months, yet every year we get flooded w emails the day after the deadline from people pleading to still apply,” Kass tweeted. “Sorry, it’s the same deadline for everyone applying online. #SIXMONTHS #noregrets.”

Kass’s tweet makes it clear that this summer’s Big Brother is still in the works and has not followed other reality shows — such as ABC’s The Bachelorette — in temporarily shutting down production. Big Brother usually begins shooting in late June, so the show does have some time to determine if it will be safe to resume production for the 2020 season.

In comments to Kass’s post, fans said they held off on applying because they were wondering if there would be a Big Brother this summer.

“I just didn’t do it this year because with COVID-19 figured the season would be called off before it starts,” one viewer wrote.

“I love your optimism, but it’s highly unlikely BB22 will show this summer,” another wrote to Kass.

“In all fairness… I had all the time to apply,” another fan joked. “But I refuse to apply with dark roots and no eyelashes.”

Longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen has been silent regarding the status of the reality show she has helmed since summer 2000. Last month, the CBS star posted a photo of her peeking outside the Diary Room in the Big Brother house as she announced the short-lived casting calls for the 22nd season, but she has not commented on the process since.

While casting is still on schedule, there is no guarantee Big Brother 22 will air this summer. If the coronavirus curve doesn’t flatten, the show could be put on hold. Production on most television shows has been halted, so Big Brother — which is essentially produced in “real time” — could be a good filler if regular primetime shows are unable to resume production in time for their usual premiere dates this fall.

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