April 7, 2020
Dez Bryant Worked Out With Dak Prescott In Latest Step Towards A Comeback

Dez Bryant hasn't made his desire to return to the Dallas Cowboys a secret. He's been working out in the public eye as much as possible to show that he's ready to get back in the league. That includes a workout earlier this week with someone he hopes will be a teammate in 2020. Bleacher Report's Blake Schuster reports Bryant's personal trainer posted a couple of videos showing the receiver going through drills with Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott.

Robinson posted videos of Prescott throwing passes to Bryant on Twitter. The display was clearly meant to illustrate that the player is ready to get on the field for real this year.

While the receiver has talked long and hard about wanting to sign with a professional team, he's not signing with just anyone. Earlier this winter, several of his fans brought up the idea of him plying his trade in the XFL.

He turned that down as an option, mainly because he wants to go the NFL or not at all. He likely also felt as though the spring football league was a bit beneath him.

This is hardly the first time Bryant has attempted a comeback. He hasn't been a member of an NFL roster since 2017. His first attempt to make it back to the league in 2018 was cut short when he tore an Achilles tendon during a workout with the New Orleans Saints.

This winter, the wideout has spent quite a bit of time making it clear how badly he would like to become a member of the Dallas Cowboys again. He's taken to social media more than once to yell it from on high. He's also talked about reaching out directly to the team's front office.
The front office, in turn, has mentioned that they often think about bringing the receiver back, but they haven't taken any steps toward that signing so far.

NFL analysts have said one of the reasons Bryant isn't getting a lot of bites, either from the Cowboys or other teams is because they aren't certain he's fully healed from that Achilles tear. Because most front offices know he can catch a football, the videos that were posted on social media on Monday were meant to show he's fully recovered and running routes like he never left the NFL.

Whether or not this latest comeback attempt convinces the Cowboys that Dez Bryant is ready to return to the league is likely something Dallas fans will be watching closely.