Kelly Clarkson Talks Self Confidence In New ‘Voice’ Share: ‘I’ve Been Told I’m Not Worthy’

Kelly Clarkson talked about self-confidence in a new trailer for The Voice. When a contestant admitted she does not feel comfortable in her body and stated that there were people who told her she wasn’t “worthy,” Clarkson said she faced the same struggles during her career. The singer, songwriter, and talk show host remarked that she has never let other people’s opinions get in her way, which has allowed her to achieve much success in her chosen life path.

The pep talk came after contestant Gigi Hess stood before Kelly and mentor Dua Lipa and explained to them that she was lacking self-confidence. She then revealed to the women that she had once weighed 300 pounds.

Kelly was stunned, remarking that she almost fell over her own feet after learning that the petite woman in front of her once struggled with a weight problem after complimenting Gigi on her figure. Gigi then noted that she still doesn’t feel comfortable in her body and doesn’t feel worthy of praise at times.

That was when Kelly gave the performer a stern reality check.

“I’ve been told I’m not worthy,” stated Kelly. “I got a lot of jobs and I made a lot of money with this body, this face.”

Dua concurred with Kelly, remarking that she comes into her own when she’s on stage and owns her performance, becoming the best version of herself because she is doing what she loves to do. She also believes that when she is performing, she is “invincible” even though before hitting the stage she “shakes like a leaf.”

The singer remarked on Kelly’s post, sharing that the exchange between herself and The Kelly Clarkson Show host was hands down, the best moment of her life. She also called Kelly a queen.

Kelly has always been open about overcoming her own struggles with body image and insecurity. She has shared in the past that if one tries to gauge their life on what other people think, they are going to be in a constant state of panic trying to please everyone, reported Redbook Magazine.

Fans loved Kelly’s honest exchange with the contestant and her way of looking at the world in a positive way. They shared their feelings on the show’s Instagram page.

“I don’t know what it would take, but I would love a pep talk from Kelly Clarkson every day. I love how real she is. She always believes in everyone and tells them to be themselves. She is so inspiring!!” said one follower.

“Kelly representing all the gorgeous, curvy, hella talented girls around the world!” said a second fan.

“I love Kelly. She has such a kind and positive personality,” remarked a third Instagram user.

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