WWE News: CM Punk Says Product Is ‘Unwatchable,’ Criticizes Company For Continuing To Put On Shows

During a recent interview with The No-No Sports Report, CM Punk criticized WWE‘s decision to move forward with programming amid the coronavirus pandemic. The former WWE superstar was critical of the product because he thinks wrestling is terrible without an audience in attendance. However, he also took issue with shows going ahead at all, given the current pandemic.

As quoted by 411 Mania, Punk said that the crowd is the most important element of a wrestling show, and without them to cheer for or boo the performers, the shows have nothing to drive them. He also said that wrestling is “unwatchable” at the moment.

“The audience boos and cheers who they want, they tell you if they like the moves, if they’re emotionally invested in the match, that tells you where to take it. There’s a fork in the road, the audience wants you to go a certain way, you can manipulate them, but they can also manipulate the match. Without all of that, f***, I don’t know what we’re doing.”

According to Punk, watching wrestling during the current empty arena phase is more akin to playing a video game. He believes that without an audience, wrestling matches come across as simulated and emotionless. He also said that it supports the view that wrestling is fake.

Of course, the former WWE Champion also questioned the company’s decision to go ahead with the show at all. “The Straight Edge Superstar” believes that the company should have rescheduled the event at a later date. In addition to the event posing health risks to the performers involved, he doesn’t think there’s an incentive for watching the show because the pre-taped nature of the matches will result in spoilers all over the internet.

However, while he was critical of the risks of WWE pressing ahead with the show, he did say that he felt bad for the performers, as it must be a strange time for them. Due to all of the rumors of people being sick in the company, Punk says that it’s a shame for the employees who must be showing up scared for their health.

At the time of this writing, no one in WWE has caught the coronavirus, but there have been stories circulating about employees being tested for COVID-19. It’s a stressful time for most people right now, but some WWE superstars have continued to go to work so the company can still host shows, which could make them more susceptible to catching something.

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