Man Drives Car Into Walmart, Gets Out, And Starts Beating Customers

A disgruntled and obviously unhinged man drove his car 10 feet into a California-based Walmart on Sunday before getting out and attacking customers with a blunt object.

According to police, the man drove into the San Jose, California location, put his vehicle in park, got out of his vehicle, and started attacking anyone within striking distance.

One witness who was shook up by the incident tells KTVU: “He almost ran me over … He was in there to hurt people.”

Four Walmart customers were injured during the attack, and one of those customers was listed in “serious” condition.

The man plowed a red Oldsmobile into a beer display at the store, which sent boxes and beer cans scattering onto the Walmart store’s floor.

Police took the crazed customer into custody where he was charged with assault and battery.

The man’s motives have not been revealed at this time. Police believe the disgruntled driver may have been under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or both.

Following the incident bystandard and Twitter user @LizziAnaG tweeted:

“Omg dude drove into @Walmart at #storyRd and ran people over and was hitting people with a steel bar. It was really scary and I feel sad for all the children/people that witnessed it.”

The man’s rampage only stopped after a group of bystanders realized what he was doing. The group attacked the man en masse, held him down, and tied his hands behind his back with a customers belt.

Injured Walmart customers were taken to a local hospital for observation and routine checkups following such an incident.

No further details from the Walmart attack have been made available by police at this time.

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