‘Pump Rules’ Star Kristen Doute Reflects On Twitter Feud With Stassi Schroeder, Shares ‘After Show’ Regrets

Kristen Doute wishes she could go back in time and take back the things she said about Stassi Schroeder on last week’s Vanderpump Rules: After Show.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight on March 31, Doute said that after watching herself lashing out at Schroeder’s work ethic and warning her that no one is going to care about her podcast in 10 years, she felt horrible about her comments and overly regretted everything she said.

Doute also confirmed that she didn’t mean any of the horrible things she said about Schroeder and her brand and revealed that she quickly reached out to her privately to let her know she would be apologizing publicly for what she said, which she did. However, after going to her Twitter page and clarifying her statements to her online audience, things between her and Schroeder took a turn for the worse as Schroeder called out Doute for “not apologizing” for saying she would soon come crashing down.

Then, the drama between Doute and Schroeder was further fueled as Doute fired back at Schroeder for trashing her publicly even though she reached out to apologize to her.

While Doute and Schroeder appear to be at an all-time low in their relationship, Doute still had only good things to say about Schroeder and her work ethic during her chat with Entertainment Tonight and admitted that she is quite impressed by the way in which Schroeder has built an amazing brand for herself.

“She is such a hard worker and because, at that point, we filmed that after-show a month and a half ago. I was watching the show and seeing the things that are being said about me and it lit a fire under my a**, and I reacted rather than try to stay in the moment,” she continued.


As The Inquisitr reported last week, Schroeder also had regrets about her online encounter with Doute and shared them with her listeners during an episode of Straight Up with Stassi. As she explained at the time, Schroeder felt extremely embarrassed after allowing herself to spiral on Twitter after Katie Maloney sent her a clip of Doute’s Vanderpump Rules: After Show interview.

Schroeder also said that her online drama with Doute was her first Twitter feud before revealing, via Us Weekly magazine, that their spat was “stressful as f*ck” and that she can’t imagine how Jax Taylor feuds so frequently with people on his own Twitter page.