Molly & Brando Meet & ‘General Hospital’ Fans React To This Potential Romantic Pairing

Molly Lansing-Davis crossed paths with Brando Corbin for the first time during Thursday’s episode of General Hospital, and fans are buzzing over their interactions. Brando is new to town and is seemingly sticking around for a while, and now viewers wonder if he might eventually set his sights on Molly in terms of a romantic partner.

For now, Molly is still hurting over all of the drama that has happened with TJ. He proposed and she broke his heart by saying no, but she didn’t intend for that to be the end of their relationship. She doesn’t know that he’s actually been kidnapped and Jordan tore Molly’s heart to shreds by leading her to believe that he is staying away from Port Charles because of the proposal gone wrong.

While Molly surely isn’t going to jump into another romance right this second, there did seem to be a flirty vibe happening as she interacted with Brando at the garage. Viewers naturally picked up on this and took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

“Molly and Brando have chemistry this is a much better fit than whatever that is with Carly,” tweeted one General Hospital fan after watching Thursday’s scenes.

“I’m here for Molly and Brando. Molly and TJ have been boring for years. The only time they were interesting was when she turned his proposal down,” another General Hospital viewer said.

“So did anyone see a spark with Molly and Brando today on #GH? What’s their ship name? #Brolly? When TJ is finally freed methinks Molly will have moved on,” speculated someone else.

“Honestly, Maxie would have been my choice for Brando, but she too busy being Booboo the Fool with Peter. Even Brook Lynn? But Molly and him got me intrigued. Sis an adult now, we can’t forget that,” noted someone else.

Not everybody is ready to jump on board with this potential pairing, though. There’s a lot that’s still unresolved regarding TJ, of course, but that doesn’t appear to be the only thing holding some fans back. Others feel as if Brando and Molly are practically related and that makes things weird, even though they technically have no biological connection to one another.

Based on the spoilers available right now from SheKnows Soaps, Brando will definitely be getting a fair amount of screentime in the weeks ahead. Next week, there will be a reason for Sonny to worry about Brando, but it’s not known exactly what the problem is in this situation.

Fans suspect that there is more to Brando than meets the eye, even though he has sworn to Carly he’s an open book. Will Molly end up going from a straight-laced medical student to a potential bad boy by falling for Brando? General Hospital spoilers don’t reveal much about this yet, but fans seem curious to see where this could head.

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