‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Wednesday: Carly Has Questions For Brando As The Two Continue To Connect

Wednesday’s episode of General Hospital will bring more action involving Carly and Brando. While Brando never intended to make Port Charles his permanent home, Sonny has insisted that he stick around. However, fans think there’s more to this Corbin relative than meets the eye, and it seems that if anyone is going to pick up on that, it might be Carly.

Brando was first introduced as the mysterious hero who swooped in and rescued Carly during the ambush by the team working for Cyrus. He supposedly just happened to be in the right place at the right time, and Carly pushed him to reveal enough about himself for her to feel fairly comfortable around him. Now, he seems to be a decent guy who is hesitant to get involved in all of the chaos that typically surrounds his extended family.

The sneak peek for Wednesday’s episode, shared via Twitter, shows a bit of what’s on the way between Carly and Brando. Carly wonders if another shoe is going to drop at some point, but this concern of hers may not have anything to do with Brando specifically. Rather, it seems likely that she is referencing the mob war that has been escalating.

Brando doesn’t know what’s next with the mob situation, at least not as far as he’s let on. However, he appears to have become a decent sounding board for Carly as she works through her worries.

According to SheKnows Soaps, this conversation will be about more than just Carly’s worries. General Hospital spoilers reveal that Carly will see a softer side of Brando. While Brando has been fairly guarded since arriving in Port Charles, Carly seems to be one person who has made him comfortable enough to open up a bit about who he really is.

Will Carly and Brando end up getting too close to one another, to the point where it becomes an issue in Carly’s marriage with Sonny? That certainly is one possibility, and viewers know that Sonny and Carly have had plenty of problems in their marriages over the years. However, there is a lot of speculation regarding other future romantic partners for Brando.

Brando hasn’t crossed paths with many people in Port Charles yet, but some viewers have speculated that perhaps he will be a good fit for Lucas as he moves forward without Brad.

It’s also possible that Brando could eventually connect with a lady such as Maxie, Lulu or Brook Lynn. Additionally, General Hospital spoilers note that Brando and Molly will be chatting during Thursday’s episode, as it seems she’ll be asking him for help of some sort.

Is Brando really the guy he’s showing the world right now, or is Carly making a mistake by trusting him? General Hospital spoilers suggest that people will be seeing a lot more of Brando in the days ahead, and it’ll be interesting to find out what’s in store for this Port Charles newcomer.

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