‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Thursday: Jason Fills In Sam On TJ & This Could Turn Things Upside Down

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday’s episode suggest that the drama of TJ’s kidnapping by the crew working for Cyrus will have quite a few people in Port Charles rattled and scrambling. Jason now knows exactly what transpired and the sneak peek shared via Twitter for the April 2 show indicates that Sam will soon know as well.

Sam has been trying to find TJ for Molly’s sake, but Jordan has been running interference. Jason and Sonny figured out that Jordan was being forced to help Cyrus in order to keep TJ safe, and now General Hospital spoilers indicate there’s some catching up on the way.

Jason and Sam are supposed to stay away from one another due to her parole, but they have frequently met up on the sly. General Hospital spoilers share that they will manage to connect during Thursday’s show and Jason will tell Sam about TJ’s kidnapping.

While Sam and Molly felt that something troubling had happened to TJ, they hadn’t been able to uncover enough information to realize just how dire the situation was. General Hospital spoilers reveal that when Jason and Sam do talk during Thursday’s show, he will tell her Cyrus has TJ. It looks as if this will come as quite a shock to her.

It seems likely that Sam will quickly figure out Jordan had been manipulating her during her search for TJ. Jordan knew Cyrus’ men had TJ and she was under pressure to deal with it herself. She couldn’t let Sam get too close, even though Jason figured out the truth anyway.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Jason will give Sam a stern warning. This probably signals that Jason will caution Sam to stay away from anything and everything that could spark Cyrus’ interest.

Cyrus has already gone after Jordan and her entire team, and he’s anxious to disrupt Sonny’s business as well. Jason orchestrated the destruction of a safe house and shipment the mob boss brought into Port Charles and now he’s essentially waiting to see if he’s hit with any retaliation.

General Hospital spoilers detail that next week, Jason will want to put some distance between himself and Sam. It doesn’t sound as if this is due to any relationship troubles though. In fact, it is probably exactly the opposite. As everything heats up further with Cyrus, Jason will surely want to keep Sam, Danny, and Scout as far away from the drama as he can.

Laura is desperate to keep Cyrus in Pentonville and stop him in his tracks, but General Hospital spoilers suggest that she won’t have an easy time accomplishing this. Can Jason and Sam stick together through the chaos ahead and keep everybody connected to them safe? Fans will be eager to see how much destruction Cyrus is able to cause as this intense war continues.

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