Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Kevin Meets With Cyrus, While Robert & Laura Make Plans

It looks like Cyrus Renault is about to be released from prison soon on ABC’s General Hospital, and many people in Port Charles will be up-in-arms about that. Jordan, Curtis, Sonny, and Jason have cooked up a plan to get rid of the mobster once and for all. However, the mayor is not in on the plan, and she is about to take action on her own with the help of Robert Scorpio.

Spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Laura and Robert will discuss their options. They will be meeting up at the PCPD on Thursday’s episode, according to the previews shown on Wednesday’s General Hospital. Robert asks the mayor how she plans to stop it, with “it” appearing to be the release of Cyrus Renault. Laura is determined not to have him back out on the streets where he can do even more damage. She has no idea at this point that it’s all part of a plan to save TJ’s life.

While she is hatching up her own plan, her husband, Dr. Kevin Collins, will be meeting up with Cyrus at Pentonville. He is likely there to do a mental evaluation on him. Cyrus seems to know everything about the people in Port Charles, so he probably knows exactly who Kevin is and how he is related to Laura. Cyrus was not intimidated in the least by Laura when she had previously visited with him and he won’t be bothered by her husband either.

Cyrus tells Kevin in the preview that if he were to threaten him, he would know it. It sounds like he will throw something out to Kevin that will likely be about his wife.

Cyrus Renault has gotten exactly what he wants so far, but Laura and Robert are about to take a stand against him, according to more General Hospital spoilers. They twosome will be facing Cyrus down soon. There are no other details on what action Laura will take, but it may interfere with Jason and Sonny’s plan.

Jordan is risking it all to save her son. She is going along with the plan to throw Taggert and the other team members under the bus, stating that they faked evidence to put Cyrus behind bars. She had struggled with doing that, but she has so far stood firm, even while telling his daughter, Trina, what her dad supposedly did.

There was a big hint this week that Taggert may still be alive after Jordan made a secret phone call asking for permission to go along with the plan. It has worked so far, but Laura may get in the way with her own plan to take action against Cyrus. General Hospital fans are certainly anxious to know if Taggert really is alive and to see how Jason and Sonny deal with Cyrus once he is out of prison.

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