Cops Bark Like Dogs To Catch Suspects

New Haven, CN – Cops were reportedly instructed to bark like dogs in order to scare a pair of criminals out of a three-family home.

Authorities explained that Kwame Wells-Jordan and Norman Boone were wanted for allegedly stealing an automobile. Officers previously chased the suspects in the vehicle, though they ultimately decided to call off the chase over public safety concerns.

Officers were later called when two men wearing masks entered a home in New Haven. Although the bottom floor of the building was vacant, the top two levels were occupied. Police altered the woman living on the third floor to lock their doors and stay inside.

The owner of the home lives on the second floor of the building. He wasn’t at the residence when the incident took place. However, officers later contacted the individual and asked him to meet up at the house.

After around a dozen officers arrived on the scene, they threatened the suspects with a canine unit. However, none were available at the time. To get the criminals out of the house, the cops were instructed to bark like dogs. It didn’t take long for the suspects to flee the building.

“They were trained. These cops were trained to do stuff like that,” one witness who saw the cops barking like dogs told WFSB. “I guess that was the best technique to do what they needed to do to get people out.”

The witness added that this sort of situation wasn’t good for the neighborhood. He said the owner was afraid to return to his home.

Both 20-year-old Kwame Wells-Jordan and 23-year-old Norman Boone have a history of legal trouble. The pair are being charged with burglary and theft of a motor vehicle. Police said they could be hit with other charges as well.

Authorities were also able to recover the vehicle the pair had stolen. Reports indicate that the car was stolen from Canada.

What do you think about cops being instructed to bark like dogs to lure two criminals out of a building?

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