‘Iron Man 3’ Endless Flyer Hitting Mobile [Video]

'Iron Man 3' endless flyer hits mobile devices

Iron Man 3
is hitting mobile devices with an endless flyer.

Alongside Iron Man 3 being released in theaters, a licensed tie-in videogame is being brought to iOS and Android this April via Gameloft. Iron Man 3 is hitting mobile devices shortly after the film releases on April 25.

The trailer for the game is below.

The Iron Man 3 endless flyer game trailer starts with scenes from the film. Iron Man launches out of a plane toward the camera before taking off down below over the ocean. Iron Man’s chest device glows against a black background with the words, “Play as the iconic Iron Man.”

Then we see Iron Man in the mobile videogame, preparing to take off, arms poised in a high-end neighborhood with a canal. A vaguely oriental building appears nearby. He takes off via boot and hand thrusters and starts flying.

The scene switches to a cityscape with tall buildings and mostly empty street below as Iron Man is targeting an oncoming fighter plane.

The scene switches again to Iron Man flying over the Chinese canal, maneuvering his way under a bridge and over greenish water. He passes a bright red decorative dragon on the left.

The scene once again switches to Iron Man flying into an underpass beneath towering buildings with a trolley in the middle of the road. He starts dodging trains as he flies through.

The chest device again shows up on black with the words, “And fight in an addictive endless runner.”

We then see him fighting alongside War Machine high above the ground before the scene switches to Iron Man fighting a tank in a slow hover mode. Then he appears to be fighting a couple of suits of his own armor (much like in Iron Man 2) near an oceanside freight facility, and some small drones of some sort near a beach.

What do you think of the trailer for the Iron Man 3 endless flyer game for mobile devices?