‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Admits That Ex Gary Shirley ‘Saved Her’ During Dark Times

Amber Portwood has been open about the dark times she faced after her arrest and on a new episode of Teen Mom OG, she admitted that her ex Gary Shirley “saved her.”

The mom of two was arrested for domestic battery last summer following an argument with her then boyfriend, Andrew Glennon. The reality star reportedly attacked Andrew while he held their young son, James. Following her arrest, Andrew attempted to move out of Indiana and back to his home state of California with the couple’s son, something that Amber opened up about to her producer.

“When I found out that he was trying to take James away to California, it just killed me. It feels like a train hit you,” Amber said, according to a report from People.

She then talked about how she lost weight at an alarming speed due to her mounting stress.

This is not the first time Amber has discussed that time in her life. Previously, she admitted that — along with her weight loss — her hair began falling out. Amber admitted that the time after her arrest was one of the “worst times” she has gone through in her life.


Amber also revealed she had suicidal thoughts during that time as well. Luckily, she had someone close to her that she could turn to for help.

“I had a night that was bad when I found out Andrew was trying to take James to California. I called [ex-boyfriend] Gary [Shirley] because the last time I tried to do something I called him and he saved me,” Amber revealed.

“I will always be grateful for that.”

Amber and Gary share Leah, their 11-year-old daughter. He also spoke about Amber and being there for her during her dark time, admitting that he cared about her.

“I would hate for something to happen to Amber and it could have been prevented,” he explained to his wife, Kristina Shirley, noting that everything has clearly taken a “toll” on Amber.

Kristina was emotional, as she and Amber have grown close over the years. She explained that she was most hurt for the kids who are involved and noted that Leah loves her mom.

“You can’t turn your back on somebody that needs help. It’s tough,” Kristina said.

Amber was able to avoid jail time from her latest arrest by taking a plea deal. She will spend two and a half years on probation.

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