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The PlayStation 5 Rumored Pre-Order Price Is Really Just A Deposit

Oliver VanDervoort - Author

Mar. 31 2020, Updated 8:10 p.m. ET

For a short time this week, there was a reason for gamers to get very, very excited about the release of Sony’s PlayStation 5. Talk popped up online that the next-generation console was going to be very, very modestly priced, when you consider just how much people thought they would be paying for the upcoming rigs.

That’s because a Canadian retailer was offering pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 for CAD $559.99 according to ScreenRant. Some quick math shows that equals roughly $400.

In other words, the launch price for the PS4. That got people excited, thinking they were about to not only have the chance to secure their own PS5 but also pay at least $100 less than they thought the console was going to be.

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Unfortunately for those who got excited, the retailer offering the preorders, Play N’ Trade, dashed a bit of cold water on that idea.

On the company’s official Facebook page they detailed what their preorder policy for the PlayStation 5 is moving forward. The store laid out restrictions like only allowing two pre-orders per household in this first wave of sales.

It didn’t take long for users to ask just how the company was able to offer PS5 pre-orders when Sony hadn’t confirmed its asking price or when the console would be up for pre-order everywhere else. This is where a dose of reality broke up the party.

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In a response to one of its users, the company said it was taking a 50 percent down payment for the PlayStation 5. They also said the money is totally refundable at any time before the sale is final. The company added the total sale price would be adjusted when everything was final.

In other words, if the PlayStation 5 ends up being $800, then those who ordered this week would indeed have put down 50 percent. If it ends up costing $500, then those who ordered have paid most of the cost.

If the console is somehow less than $400 at launch, the company will refund the difference. Those who believed they were getting a glimpse into the future were reserving their place in line by paying at least some of the money upfront.

That’s not a particularly unusual approach. There are plenty of companies that will take a portion of the entire pre-order in order to reserve a copy. This one made headlines because a certain segment of the gaming public thought Play N’ Trade was asking for the whole amount. The store is certainly getting ahead of the game when it comes to letting customers save themselves a copy, but it’s not foreshadowing the cost of the PlayStation 5 after all.


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