Carrie Ann Inaba Impresses Fans With Sweet Video Of Her Cat Mimi

Carrie Ann Inaba brought a smile to the faces of her 358,000 Instagram followers when she posted a sweet video of her cat Mimi. The Dancing with the Stars judge, who has been working remotely as the moderator of CBS’ show The Talk, thought Mimi’s actions were so cute that she decided to share them on social media.

In the clip, the stunning black cat is seen in an open area of what appears to be a room in the former In Living Color Fly Girl’s house. Mimi is a real standout against the light wood floors and white furniture that dominate the space. The stunning home is serene, with plenty of natural light that showcases the color of the floors, furniture, and walls.

The actions that captured the hearts of Carrie’s Instagram fans were simple: Mimi wanted to bring her mom a toy. The cat’s cuteness level is not for the faint of heart, and her affection for Carrie Ann is demonstrated by the noises of contentment she makes.

Carrie Ann informed her fans in the caption to the accompanying video that to truly enjoy Mimi’s playtime, the sound must be turned on.

It appears that Mimi really wanted Carrie Ann’s attention. She picked up her stuffed dog toy, located on the right side of Carrie Ann’s desk, in her mouth. The large toy had a head that was equal in size to Mimi’s, but she picked the stuffed creature up with ease and carried it towards The Talk host. Her adorable mewing shows her satisfaction at what she accomplished and is worth a listen.

In response to her cat bringing her a toy, Carrie Ann is heard thanking her and telling Mimi she was a good girl.

Fans loved the video and the way it brightened up their day amidst the cabin fever that is settling in worldwide as everyone practices social distancing to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

Carrie Ann is doing her part by working on the CBS talk show remotely, sharing the air virtually alongside her co-hosts Sharon Osbourne, Marie Osmond, Eve, and Sheryl Underwood.

“Thank you for sharing that, it’s adorable and made my heart happy and brought a smile to my face. My cat is helping me keep my sanity in this time of all we are having to deal with. Thank God for creating our fur babies,” stated one of Carrie Ann’s followers.

“I’ve never seen a cat do that!!! Awesome!” remarked a second fan.

“Sweet baby. She loves her mama. What would we do without our fur babies? They are our little angels,” said a third Instagram user.

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