Donald Trump Says Andrew Cuomo Would Be A Better Democratic Presidential Candidate Than Joe Biden

On Monday morning, President Donald Trump called into Fox & Friends and spoke about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo — whom he has frequently clashed with amid the coronavirus pandemic — as well as Democratic front-runner Joe Biden. As reported by Breitbart, the president suggested that Cuomo would be a better fit to lead the Democratic Party to victory than the former vice president.

“I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew,” he began.

“I’ve known Andrew for a long time. I wouldn’t mind that, but I’ll be honest. I think he’d be a better candidate than Sleepy Joe.”

Although Cuomo’s job performance was at 44 percent in February, his handling of the coronavirus pandemic has increased his favorability — a new poll revealed that 87 percent of New York respondents approved of his job performance.

Echoing other Democrats who have floated the idea of swapping Biden for Cuomo, Trump further reiterated that the governor would be a “better” choice.

“I’m telling you right now, you know, I want somebody in this country that’s going to do a great job,” the president added.

Outside of Democrats, Fox News host Tucker Carlson claimed that Cuomo — not Biden — will be the eventual Democratic nominee.

“If I had to bet, I would think Andrew Cuomo would be the most likely to replace Biden,” Carlson said after touching on the former vice president’s reported cognitive decline, according to The Hill.

During Trump’s Fox & Friends call, he echoed Carlson and suggested Biden is not “capable” of winning the nomination and taking him on in November.

“We’ll see what happens,” the president said. “I wish him luck.”

Trump also touched on Cuomo’s high approval ratings, which he chalked up to the assistance he is receiving from the federal government.

“One of the reasons he’s successful is because we’ve helped make him successful,” Trump said, before admitting he wouldn’t mind facing off against either Cuomo or Biden.

As reported by the New York Post, Biden has the option of selecting Cuomo as his running mate. However, the publication claims this scenario is not likely, suggesting that the New York governor would not sufficiently benefit Biden’s ticket and pointing to the 77-year-old politician’s pledge to select a female running mate.

Even if Biden were to choose Cuomo, the New York Post claims the pushback from the Democratic Party’s “identitarian activists” would be “explosive.”

Amid the virtually halted primary, Biden currently has 1,217 delegates and Bernie Sanders has 914. Although Biden is considered by many to be the presumptive nominee, some Democrats are reportedly worried he is becoming irrelevant as the coronavirus crisis continues.

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