D'Lo Brown Shares Real Thoughts On Tessa Blanchard Following Recent Racism Allegations Against Her

During a recent interview with TalkSport, former WWE superstar D'Lo Brown sat down to discuss his current role as a backstage producer for Impact Wrestling, along with several other topics pertaining to the company. During the interview, he was asked about the controversy surrounding World Champion Tessa Blanchard, who made headlines last year after several wrestlers accused her of racism.

According to Brown, he can't comment on the situation as he doesn't know the facts behind it. However, he revealed that his interactions with the World Champion have been positive throughout the years, and his opinion of her as a person is based on his own personal experiences with her.

"There's nothing to speak on. I don't know because I wasn't there. All I know is how Tessa is with me as an individual and I know she is one fine person, one fine individual and someone I'm proud to call a friend and confidant."
Blanchard's World Championship reign has also divided fans and pundits within the industry, mainly because not everyone is a fan of inter-gender wrestling. Brown, meanwhile, supports her as the main champion and believes her victory over Sami Callihan at last year's Hard to Kill pay-per-view was a historic moment for the company.
"I still think it was a big moment for her and for Impact. Seeing it live and being there and hearing the reaction of the crowd, seeing responses days and weeks later -- it was still a big moment."
Brown isn't the only locker room veteran to come out in support of Blanchard in recent months. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Tommy Dreamer also came to her defense, stating that he's always had had a good relationship with her even though she has a reputation for being someone who is difficult to get along with.

During the interview, Brown also discussed the bond between members of the Impact Wrestling locker room and revealed that he's friends with a lot of people there. In addition to praising Blanchard, Brown said that he's close with other talents, including Willie Mack, Michael Elgin, Rich Swann, The North and others. The former WWE European believes that Impact has an "incredible roster," and he loves the collaborative process of coming up with ideas with his colleagues.

Brown is a key part of Impact Wrestling these days, but he's also a legend of WWE's Attitude Era. He was a member of the controversial Nation of Domination faction, although he isn't sure if that gimmick would fly today, given the controversial beliefs of the stable.