Donald Trump Has Become A ‘Pro-Death President’ Amid Coronavirus Pandemic, Ex-Evangelist Says

During an appearance on MSNBC’s AM Joy on Sunday, former evangelist Frank Schaeffer slammed Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, Raw Story reported.

“We’re at a time now when the naked lickspittle enablement of Donald Trump by his evangelical followers is more horrifying than ever,” Schaeffer began.

The 67-year-old Addicted to Mediocrity author said that the COVID-19 pandemic — a “literal life and death issue,” he noted — has made two things very clear.

“One is the utter moral bankruptcy of this leader who pits himself against governors trying to save their people, and the second is the utter moral bankruptcy of evangelical, the white evangelical voter, having been rented out to this moronic monster who in this time of crisis, is far from being our Winston Churchill leading us to freedom against the Nazis in Germany.”

Schaeffer later took aim at Evangelical Christians, who he suggested are turning a blind eye to Trump’s poor handling of the coronavirus pandemic. According to Schaeffer, Trump has become a “pro-death president” who is more invested in boosting the economy to fuel his re-election bid than saving the lives of Americans.

In addition to his alleged focus on the economy, others have accused Trump of fueling danger by promoting the malaria drug chloroquine, which has been successful in helping some overcome COVID-19 but nevertheless lacks a breadth of clinical trial data supporting its effectiveness. As reported by The New Yorker, Trump’s messaging on the drug has been called “dangerous” by some doctors, who urge the president to let the medical community speak on its effectiveness for battling coronavirus.

Before the coronavirus pandemic, Schaeffer has been vocal about his opposition to Trump. As reported by Newsweek, he used one of his previous videos to attack Trump as a “lifelong conman” who sparked white nationalism to get elected by conservative Americans who feel that the left has left them behind, creating feelings of rejection and disrespect — something Schaeffer claims the political left is guilty of doing.

Speaking to the political left, Schaeffer accused the demographic of pushing conservatives into an “acid bath of social change.”

Schaeffer’s comments on AM Joy come on the same day that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi attacked Trump’s purportedly poor handling of the crisis and said it had cost American lives. Although various Democrats have pushed this narrative, it has received pushback from some Republicans. Notably, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham slammed Pelosi’s claim on Sunday and suggested she was hypocritical for herself delaying the coronavirus aid bill for a list of Democratic demands as Americans waited for aid.

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