Restaurant Creates World’s Hottest Easter Egg

An Indian restaurant in England has created a the hottest Easter egg in the world by using three of the spiciest chilli peppers on the planet.

India Dining, which is based in Warlingham, has mixed a ghost chili, a scotch bonnet, and a habanero in the egg. They have stated that it is 10 times hotter than a vindaloo.

A spokesperson for the restaurant stated, “The restaurant has initially made 24 eggs, but will produce more to order if demand is high.”

Its owner, Asad Khan, said, “It’s a rather unconventional Easter treat, but the eggs are, in fact, delicious.” The establishment declared that the egg’s heat equals 400 bottles of Tabasco sauce, and that diners need to wear protective gloves when they consume it.

It is only to be eaten by individuals aged 18 and over, and they must sign a disclaimer before they place it in their mouths.

The spokesperson also revealed that the Easter eggs were an estimated 1 million on the Scoville scale of hotness. This is based on the values of the three chillies that were used. In comparison a typical vindaloo normally scores between 100,000 and 200,000 on the scale.

This Easter delicacy might sound a tad more appetising than a 56-year-old egg that was found in a woman’s cupboard whilst she cleared out her house.

Judith Bowen, 73, bought the egg in 1957 as a present for her mother, whilst she was on her lunch break at work. “I saw there rows of pretty little eggs and I though my mum would love one,” she remembered. “They were handmade and in very strong cardboard boxes which is probably why it is still in pristine condition.”

The chocolate egg has remained in perfect health, despite being stowed away, and Judith has revealed that she doesn’t plan on eating the gift, and intends on passing it down to one of her two sons.

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