Greensboro, NC Least Sexy City In US

Greensboro, North Carolina may not be your first choice in destination, but the Southern locale recently earned the dubious distinction of least sexy city in the U.S.

So who exactly gets to decide Greensboro is the least sexy city in the States?, a dubious dating site that … pairs “generous” folks with others willing to go on “destination” dates in exchange for something for the powder room. Ahem.

In addition to the knowledge people exchange trips for … company, we now know that of all the sexy cities in the U.S., Greensboro is at the dead top of the rejected list.’s CEO and founder Brandon Wade explains that some places in the States are just not ideal for “falling in love,” which we are sure is the first thing people going on a site to “destination date” someone have in mind.

Wade explains:

“Not every destination is an ideal location for falling in love … A lot of factors have to come together to create a quintessential environment for romance, and when it comes to setting, there’s frankly nothing sexy about North Carolina.”

Apparently, though, meeting up with a stranger because they bought you a trip is sexy? Anyway, looked at which offers for trips were most accepted and not, and based their “sexy city” rankings upon the number of trips ultimately rejected.

Seems legit. The site explains:

“With a 100% rejection rate, NO ONE wants to meet up in this Carolina city. There’s nothing particularly unpleasant about Greensboro, it’s just not sexy in the eyes of our [aspiring] travelers.”

Top rejected cities on the unsexy city list are, in order:

1. Greensboro, NC
2. Richmond, VA 98%
3. Fort Worth, TX
4. Beverly Hills, CA
5. Chattanooga, TN
6. Atlantic City, NJ
7. Atlanta, GA
8. Jacksonville, FL
9. Corpus Christi, TX
10. Minneapolis, MN

Do you think Greensboro, NC deserves the “least sexy city” designation?

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