‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Monday: Ava Continues To Bond With Trina

Ava Jerome has a soft spot for Trina Robinson, and on Monday’s General Hospital, the two will be having a bonding moment as they discuss Trina’s situation with Cameron. Viewers know that the teens became closer than ever during their hostage situation, and now Trina will be spilling the details to her boss at the art gallery next week.

The new General Hospital sneak peek shows Ava expressing concern for Trina. She appears to be pretty confused about her life right now, with losing her dad and her feelings for Cameron. Her boss picks up on that and asks Trina if something is bothering her. When Trina admits that she messed things up, Ava confesses that she is the queen of messing things up. Trina then spills everything on how Cam has had feelings for Josslyn but that she doesn’t know it yet. She then went on to say that pretty soon Joss will also fall for Cameron and that she will be happy about that.

Trina admits that she has been confused and messed up since her dad died. That’s when Ava catches on and asks her if she and Cam had kissed. It’s likely that Trina will tell Ava the truth. She hasn’t told anyone yet what happened between her and Cam. It looks like Ava may be the first to hear about it.

These two have become fairly close since Trina started working for Ava Jerome at the art gallery. Trina loves her job as Ava’s intern, but her mother isn’t quite so happy about it. Portia just came on to the scene when Taggert died, and she isn’t too thrilled that her daughter has befriended Ava.

Something will have Trina furious the week of March 30 as well. According to General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central, she will overhear someone’s conversation, and it will have her quite upset. It could be that it’s something about her dad. Another possible scenario is that she overhears her mom and Ava in a heated conversation. Whatever the case may be, it will be upsetting to the teen.

It’s clear that Trina is struggling, as is Cam, since the kidnapping. It appears that Cameron may be turning his affections from Josslyn to Trina, but it’s possible that it’s because of what they both went through. On Friday, Trina paid Joss a visit and the two girls chatted about Cameron. They both admitted that they were worried that the kidnapping affected him more than he wants to admit.

All three teens are struggling, but they have all been there for each other. Now with possible romantic feelings between Cam and Trina getting in the way, things may soon change on General Hospital.

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