‘General Hospital’ Spoilers For Friday: Trina Talks With Josslyn About Cameron, Britt Confronts Anna & Finn

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s episode tease that there will be difficult conversations happening all over Port Charles, with some residents facing tough decisions. Trina is feeling anxious about her connection to Cameron, Britt is making waves, and Nelle’s facing pushback from Carly.

Both Cameron and Trina are struggling in the wake of the kidnapping incident that caused her father’s death. The two recently shared an impromptu kiss that led to some awkward moments. General Hospital spoilers from the preview for Friday’s show indicate that Josslyn will seemingly be asking Trina about Cameron in some sense.

In what seems to be a fairly frustrated manner, Trina will reply that if Joss wants to talk about Cam, they can. Will she admit that the two of them kissed? There is definitely some potential for this to become a complicated triangle. Cam has had a crush on Joss for a long time now, but she hasn’t really ever picked up on it or shown him she felt the same way. At this point, Trina and Cam are leaning heavily on one another and that seems to have plenty of potential to lead to more kisses.

Friday’s episode also brings a potentially contentious encounter between Britt and Anna. General Hospital spoilers detail that Britt will cross paths with Anna and Finn, and she’ll have a few things to say about her mother. Obrecht has struggled to get anybody on her side. It seems nobody believes she is not responsible for killing Drew or trying to kill Andre and Franco. Despite having her own doubts, it looks like Britt will at least voice her frustration that Anna seems intent to go after Obrecht whenever and however she can manage.

During Thursday’s show, Sam tore into Alexis after the incident with her parole officer. This left Alexis feeling quite battered and she drank a shot of alcohol for the first time in many months. General Hospital spoilers hint that she will consider taking another drink during Friday’s episode.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Sonny will get a phone call about Mike. The sneak peek shows that he’ll be asking someone what happened, so it seems that something may have happened to Mike at Turning Woods that prompted a trip to General Hospital or a need to loop in Sonny. There have been some signs that Mike’s condition may decline significantly again soon and this is surely going to take a toll on Sonny.

Ava will be popping up, perhaps to have another sitting session with Franco. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that emotions will be running high as Carly takes charge and tries to get Nelle to consent to the surgery for Wiley. It looks as if numerous relationships will face strains during Friday’s show and the week ahead. Viewers are anxious to see all of the chaos play out.

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