Chris Harrison Gives His Take On Whether Or Not Hannah Brown And Tyler Cameron Are Back Together

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have been spending a lot of time together lately.

Tyler Cameron smiles at the camera.
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Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown have been spending a lot of time together lately.

The Bachelor host Chris Harrison is opening up about whether or not he thinks exes Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are back together. While Harrison was not able to confirm anything officially, he can see them potentially becoming a couple in the future and thinks they would be great together, according to People.

Cameron and Brown stirred up dating rumors recently when she flew to Jupiter, Florida, to go into quarantine with him and a group of friends. The pair have been filming their daily adventures together, which feature dancing, pranks, working out, and a lot of laughter. While they certainly appear to be cozy, neither have spoken out publicly to confirm whether or not they are indeed back together.

Harrison emphasized that while he would like to see the pair together, he doesn’t think it’s fair to put pressure upon them.

“Look, here’s the great thing about them — I don’t want to put any more pressure on them, because Hannah’s been through the wringer and Tyler is a wonderful man. He’s a really good guy. If they end up together, man, kudos to them. I love them both and I want them to find love, and if it turns out it’s the two of them, that’s amazing. And if they get married, hey, I’ll either be standing between them [officiating the ceremony] or I’ll be right there in the front row.”

Harrison went on to say that he believes people need to just let Brown and Cameron do their thing and have fun, without trying to get all the private details regarding their relationship. He pointed out that it could be that the pair are just enjoying each other’s company during this time of social distancing and will go back to their normal lives once the coronavirus pandemic passes. Either way, Harrison just wants them both to be happy.

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Brown and Cameron have been together ever since March 14, when he was photographed picking her up from the Palm Beach International Airport. The pair and their friends have deemed themselves the Quarantine Crew and have shared videos of their shenanigans on apps like Instagram and TikTok. Fans have been eating up the content, particularly anything that features both Cameron and Brown together.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Brown has been supporting Cameron since his mother’s unexpected death earlier this month. She flew to Florida to attend her memorial service and spend time with the family.