Blake Shelton And Gwen Stefani Coordinate Their Outfits For A 'Quarantine Photo Shoot'

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani showed off their "quarantine" style for a photo shoot in Oklahoma.

On Thursday, Blake took to Twitter to share a snap of himself and Gwen hanging out in front of one of the big green tin buildings located on his sprawling property in the Sooner State. This seems to be where the lovebirds have decided to hunker down during the coronavirus outbreak.

The pandemic has many people feeling anxious and scared, but Blake treated his fans to a much-needed dose of levity by joking about his "first quarantine photo shoot" with Gwen. Blake was pictured rocking an all-camouflage ensemble that included a pair of slacks with a pixelated print in beige, black, brown, and white. His shirt was decorated with a realistic grass print in a similar color palette. The country star had the garment's long sleeves rolled up to the elbow.

Gwen coordinated her outfit with her beau's outdoorsy look by rocking her own pair of camouflage pants. Her bottoms featured a realistic leafy print that included a few pops of vibrant green. She also sported a pair of rubber Crocs decorated with a grassy camo design.

Gwen's ensemble also featured a white long-sleeved collared shirt. She was wearing the garment unbuttoned to reveal a white T-shirt emblazoned with the name of the seaside community of Marina del Rey. The singer accessorized her look with a few pendant necklaces and a belt that had a silver buckle bedazzled with rhinestones.

Gwen's beauty look included a minimal amount of eye makeup and a bright red lip. She had her hair pulled up in a sleek top knot, while Blake's wavy mane looked a bit untamed. His salt-and-pepper locks appeared to have grown out a bit, and a few wild hairs were sticking out in different directions on the right side of his head. The "God's Country" hitmaker was also sporting some well-groomed facial scruff.

Blake sat on a short stool, and Gwe stood behind him with her left foot up on his left knee. She gazed off to the side with a pensive expression on her face. Blake, meanwhile, looked directly into the camera and flashed his best intense, smoldering stare. He appeared to be using an outdoor electrical outlet to charge his phone.

The "Hell Right" singer quipped that he and Gwen should have used the snap for the cover of their romantic duet, "Nobody But You." Blake's Twitter followers were also fans of the shot.

"You look a bit constipated," read one response to Blake's photo, which added that Gwen was able to make Crocs look sensual.

"OMG! Who knew quarantine can be so hot," another fan wrote.

"You both look better quarantined than I do on a regular day," a third admirer remarked.

"Y'all Cute but I can barely see ya," quipped a fourth witty fan in reference to the couple's camo ensembles.