Hundreds Of Rotting Ducks Foul Chinese Rivers

Hundreds of rotting ducks have been found to be fouling Chinese rivers.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, China’s Huangpu River was the dumping site for at least 16,000 pigs floating in the waters. A town in a nearby province, Jiaxing, is accused of dumping 4,664 of the animals, but 10,000 dead pigs were pulled out of the water at that site alone.

Now, Chinese health officials in the Sichuan province of southwest China are claiming the hundreds of rotting ducks fished out of a river pose no health danger since the effected rivers are not drinking source water. The dead ducks were found in 50 plastic woven bags floating on the Pengshan section of the Nanhe River.

Shi Qian, the director of Sichuan Animal Health Inspection Bureau, searched for an explanation for why there were hundreds of rotting ducks floating in their rivers:

“We have visited and searched more than 390 duck sheds in the area. There is no sign an epidemic broke out. We believe the large amount of ducks died because the weather suddenly got too warm.”

The hundreds of rotting ducks have been disinfected and buried, and the possibility of infectious disease has been excluded. The cause of death could not be identified because the duck corpses were too decomposed.

The health officials are working on locating the farms and finding the farmers who tossed the dead ducks in the river. County spokesman Liang Weidong says, “As long as we identify the farmers who tossed the dead ducks, I think they would be heavily punished.”

What do you think about hundreds of rotting ducks being found floating in Chinese rivers?

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