‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Amber Portwood Returns To Instagram During ‘Uncertain Times’

After a four-month hiatus, Amber Portwood has returned to Instagram and is speaking out about the new season of Teen Mom OG, as well as the coronavirus pandemic.

First, Amber took to Instagram on Tuesday night, reminding fans about the new Teen Mom OG season. Her storyline for the season has focused heavily on her July arrest, and on the most recent episode, her co-stars traveled to Indiana to be there for her. However, it was unclear if the post about the show indicated she would be returning to social media for good or if she would only be posting to encourage viewers to tune in and watch.

On Wednesday, she took to the social networking site to share a brand new selfie and to speak out to her fans.


In the new snap, Amber rocked a white short-sleeved shirt and had her long, dark hair worn up. The silver cross necklace that she is wearing was visible as well. The mom-of-two looked happy and healthy in the photo.

With the update, she shared a sweet caption with her fans, and let them know she was “sending love” to everyone who may be “feeling scared and alone” amid the ongoing spread of the novel coronavirus.

She added three different hashtags with the photo, including “stay safe,” “stay healthy,” and “stay inside.”

Within the first nine hours of being posted to her social media account, Amber’s photo had over 21,000 likes from her more than 1 million followers. People were excited to see her back on Instagram and since sharing the new image, over 900 comments had been left.

Many fans chimed in and let Amber know they “love” and “support” her. Others told her she was looking “beautiful.” Although the comments left on her post were overwhelmingly positive, she did not respond to any of her followers.

Amber handed over her Instagram account back in November so that she could avoid negativity. It was a few months after her arrest for domestic battery and it sounded like social media was just another stressor for the reality show star.

Amber recently opened up about the “dark period” in her life that occurred after her arrest and revealed that her hair started to fall out and she lost a lot of weight. The reality star also noted that during that time, her body went into “shock.”

Amber seems to be in a much better place these days, though. She avoided jail time after taking a plea deal and her story is currently playing out on Teen Mom OG.