Grandpa And Grandkids Find Pound Of Heroin On Side Of Road

Dickson, TN – A Nashville grandfather and his two grandchildren found a pound of heroin by the side of the road after their car broke down alongside Interstate 40 near Dickson, Tennessee.

The grandpa and kids stumbled upon the unusual find while driving through Dickson over the weekend, and immediately contacted authorities. Cops estimate the drug seizure is valued at between $50,000 – $60,000.

Speaking to The Tennessean, Drug Task Force Agent Josh Ethridge revealed heroin, while unusual for the area, was increasingly being seen in Dickson. He said:

“This is the first time I’ve ever known of any quantity like that being found in Dickson or anywhere in the area, just on the side of the road. Now it could have happened somewhere else, you just don’t see that every day.

“Somebody’s missing it. I can guarantee you that. And I don’t know who it was that lost it, but they’re in a world of hurt right now I’m sure.”

Ethridge added that the grandfather and kids had come to the Dickson area over the weekend to buy an all-terrain vehicle. When the alternator failed in their vehicle on Saturday afternoon, they pulled over and noticed a gallon Ziploc bag on the roadside.

Upon examining the bag, the grandfather moved it away from the grandchildren and contacted police. When Ethridge arrived to inspect the bag, he said he immediately detected a “vinegary, bitter” smell. A test kit confirmed it was heroin. Ethridge said:

“It’s just one of them things, glad we got it off the streets. That’s the ultimate goal. It’s not going to be in somebody’s arm; somebody’s not going to get shot over it, over a bad drug deal.”

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