Jim Carrey eBay Auctions Reinstated By Site

A series of Jim Carrey eBay auctions have been reinstated after the auction site reversed its decision to ban users from funding firearm purchases through the sale of Carrey memorabilia.

Earlier this week, a number of eBay sellers protested Carrey’s recent anti-gun video by selling photographs of the star on eBay while openly stating that all proceeds would be used to buy a gun. The trend was kicked off by user “astrobuzz”, who listed an autographed photo of Carrey under the auction title, “Jim Carrey Autographed 8X10 Photo So I Can Afford a Gun!”

A series of copycat auctions followed, with some receiving bids of hundreds of dollars before eBay intervened and took down the listings.

Now, the Jim Carrey eBay auctions are back. While initially silent on the matter, the auction site released a statement on Friday to The Hollywood Reporter confirming:

“The listing complied with eBay’s policies and was removed in error. Following the removal, eBay reinstated the listing and all fees were credited back to the seller. We apologize for the error and the inconvenience to the seller.”

Whether astrobuzz’s auction will ever reach the same giddy heights (it had a highest bid of $860 when eBay pulled the listing) is unknown; the reinstated auction currently stands at $255.

Meanwhile, some users have jumped on the Jim Carrey anti-gun wagon by offering t-shirts and other collectibles. While some auctions are very much anti-Carrey, others are supportive of the star’s stance on gun control.

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