‘This Is Us’ Fans Puzzled Over Last Moments Of Season 4 Finale

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers from the This Is Us Season 4 finale,” Strangers: Part Two.”

Fans of This Is Us are puzzled over the last moments of the Season 4 finale and have some serious questions regarding a flash-forward scene featuring the entire Pearson clan.

Justin Hartley, who plays Kevin, posted a photo to his Instagram page showing the characters of Kevin, Randall and Nicky Pearson together, in a future scenario that was previously teased at the end of Season 3 of the NBC series.

The characters are gathered around the sick bed of Pearson family matriarch Rebecca.


In the image, Kevin, Randall, and Nicky are all standing side-by-side, with serious expressions on their faces. The scene was teased after a tense present-day moment the series aired between the brothers where they had an explosive fight, releasing years of pent-up hostilities towards one another.

This blowout came after Kevin realized it was Randall who pushed Rebecca to abruptly move to St. Louis, Missouri for a 9-month clinical trial to treat Alzheimer’s.


While the episode did answer several questions that were initially posed at the end of Season 3 — including who the mother of Kevin’s children would be — it appears that viewers are more confused than ever regarding how the series will move forward for its remaining two seasons.

Fans are debating several key points in the comments section of Justin’s share, including the ages of Kevin’s children, the ages of the big three themselves, and who Kevin and Nicky would eventually marry as both were clearly wearing wedding rings in the episode.

The first point fans discussed was how old Kevin’s twins were. They appeared to be no more than 10 years old in the episode, which would mean that the big three would be around 50 years old at the time of their gathering at Rebecca’s bedside.


Fans debated how the characters of Randall, Kevin, and Rebecca could have aged so rapidly after what they think is a 10-year jump.

“This is where I was a little lost. If Kevin’s twins looked like they were around 9 or 10 years old, why did he age so much??” questioned one fan.

Kevin and Nicky’s subsequent marriages were also up for debate. Many fans believe that Kevin would eventually marry the mother of his children, Madison, as she has no family and is already familiar with the Pearson clan. Others still hold out hope for Sophie, who was briefly seen in the finale episode laughing at a particularly racy billboard featuring her ex-husband.

Many fans are in agreement that Nicky would eventually marry Cassidy, the war veteran who previously played an integral part in the lives of both Nicky and Kevin. Others believe the character married Rebecca, as her current husband Miguel was not by his wife’s bedside in what appeared to be her final moments.

“So many people suggesting Rebecca and Nicky get married??? Really that would be so crazy but there is no Miguel in sight???” questioned a concerned fan of the finale, which once again left fans feeling unsettled until September 2020 when a new season of the series will debut.