Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers Suggest Jordan’s Cornered Over Her TJ Secret

During Monday’s episode of General Hospital, Jordan was scrambling and desperate to get TJ safely back to her. Things have not been progressing as she had hoped, however, and spoilers suggest that big developments are coming with Tuesday’s episode.

Fans were definitely left hanging at the end of Monday’s show. Not only did Jordan’s situation hit something of a cliffhanger, but ABC didn’t give fans a preview for the March 24 episode. This lack of a preview is unusual, but at this point, it does appear that a new show will air on Tuesday.

Just ahead of Monday’s show airing, ABC released a weekly sneak peek that included some juicy tidbits about Jordan. Some of the developments set to air this week were shown during Monday’s episode and General Hospital spoilers indicate that there’s more coming on Tuesday.

SheKnows Soaps indicates that Curtis will confront Jordan during Tuesday’s show. This is certainly about TJ and how she has been hiding his kidnapping. He probably will not be particularly pleased to learn that she shut him out on this while Sonny and Jason figured things out separately.

Curtis looked completely stunned as he listened to Sonny reveal that he believes Cyrus’ men have TJ. Curtis could tell something had been bothering Jordan over the past few days, but she wouldn’t open up to him. He never pieced things together about TJ being missing, but now she may not have much choice but to tell him everything.

Jordan initially was able to keep a poker face as Sonny and Jason arrived at her place and asked if Cyrus had TJ. Will she admit the truth?

Sonny and Jason already have pieced together the basics here, so they surely will not take any denials from Jordan at face value. Ultimately, they can probably be of vital assistance in helping her get to TJ if she’ll allow them to help.

If Sonny and Jason are brought up to speed, then it seems likely that Sam will be as well. Jordan purposely misled Sam as the private investigator searched for TJ, but Jason will surely spill the beans as this gets sorted out.

Can Sam, Spinelli, Jason, and Sonny pull together the intel needed to find and save TJ before Jordan complies with getting the mob boss out of prison? General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central detail that as the week continues, Jason will put some pressure on Jordan and he’ll also catch up with Willow again. The tide will probably start to turn against Harmony and Cyrus succeeding in their current plan, but things might get pretty wild as this battle plays out.

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