Weekly ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Jordan’s Secret About TJ’s Kidnapping Is No Longer Under Wraps

A new sneak peek filled with General Hospital spoilers for the week of March 23 is out and there’s great stuff on the way. Jordan is being forced to help Cyrus build his mob business in Port Charles, as his people have kidnapped her son, TJ. So far, Jordan hasn’t revealed this to anybody, but it looks like that is about to change.

The preview posted via the show’s Instagram page shows that Jordan will face Harmony again this week. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Harmony will make it clear Cyrus essentially owns Jordan now. The police commissioner knows she is backed into a corner.

So far, Jordan has followed orders and held back from sharing anything she is doing with Cyrus with anybody else. She has tried to keep Sam from pursuing her search for TJ, but that’s going to become an issue again this week.

SheKnows Soaps shares that Jordan will specifically try to mislead Sam during Monday’s show. Despite the commissioner’s best efforts, though, she isn’t going to be able to hold this together all by herself for very long.

At some point this week, Sonny will figure out that Cyrus had his team kidnap TJ. General Hospital spoilers note that he will confront Jordan with this and she may admit the truth.

Jordan has not wanted to collaborate with Sonny on dealing with Cyrus. However, doing so is probably her best path to successfully taking the mobster down and having TJ safely returned to her.

The sneak peek for the week shows Curtis pulling a distraught Jordan in close to embrace her. This seems to signal that Curtis will find out about TJ this week and he’ll want to support her through this trying time.

At some point, it seems likely that Jordan’s resistance to telling Curtis about what happened will cause some problems for the couple. However, Curtis may set that aside until this crisis has been managed.

General Hospital spoilers suggest the news about TJ will start to spread early this week. At some point, Jason is going to try to reason with Jordan, adding yet another moving part to this puzzle over the next few days.

Jason has been suspicious of Harmony, but it’s not known yet whether Jordan will reveal that the former Dawn of Day member is now connected to Cyrus. Molly is going to be increasingly worried about TJ over the coming days and it seems likely she’ll be kept out of the loop regarding his kidnapping.

Will TJ be reunited with his loved ones this week, or will he remain hidden away by the people working for Cyrus? General Hospital spoilers hint that the situation will be quite intense this week and viewers will have to stay tuned to see how ugly this new mob war gets.

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