New Subway Hero: Philadelphia Man Saves Stranger On Tracks [Video]

Philadelphia now has its own subway hero. Christopher Knafelc risked life and limb this week when he jumped down onto the subway tracks to save a stranger.

Knafelc said that he was waiting for a train on Thursday afternoon when he saw a man fall off the edge of the platform. Knafelc, 32, jumped down onto the track in order to save the man before he got hit by a train.

Knafelc said: “I had a plan if a train came I was going to roll him underneath …. or if I couldn’t, I was going to ask someone to jump down and help me roll him.”

Would you jump on the tracks to save a stranger? Knafelc’s good deed may seem heroic but the 32-year-old man said that he only did what was natural.

Knafelc said: “I couldn’t imagine not trying to help. You know? I couldn’t imagine not jumping down.”

Thankfully, Knafelc avoided injury as transit workers were able to stop the train before it reached the station. Knafelc stayed with the man until firefighters arrived on the scene.

The 32-year-old said: “He didn’t thank me, but I know he was thankful…. You know what I mean? In my heart I believe he was.”

Here’s the video from ABC.

Are you surprised that Knafelc jumped onto the tracks?

The Philadelphia man is only the latest hero to emerge from the subways. A woman and child were pulled from the tracks earlier this year and who could possibly forget snack man?

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