WWE News: Former Champion Says A Match With Becky Lynch Could Tempt Her To Return To Action

Becky Lynch poses with her title

Eve Torres left WWE in 2013 to pursue non-wrestling ventures and start a family, but it appears the three-time Divas Champion wants to return to the company and face Becky Lynch. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Torres recently appeared on Ring the Belle to discuss her in-ring career, and during the conversation, she revealed her ambitions to return to WWE and take on the current Raw Women’s Champion.

“I am obsessed with the women’s roster right now. There are great talents, but there are so many different characters that I’m just loving. Obviously, I love Becky Lynch. She’s The Man, right? So I would love to face her if I came back. If I stopped having kids, then maybe that will happen.”

Women’s wrestling in WWE has come a long way since Torres was with the company, and Lynch has been at the forefront of its rise in popularity and prestige. Torres’ tenure there was a few years before the Women’s Revolution, and judging by her words, she’s excited by how much the division has evolved since she left.

During the interview, Torres discussed the limitations faced by women when she was in WWE, revealing that there was a glass ceiling and she left due to the restrictions placed on her and her counterparts at the time. She also said that she could never have imagined a woman’s match headlining WrestleMania, simply because women were being held back when she was there.

“I felt like I was being controlled by other things that weren’t just me or my skill set or my work ethic, and I didn’t like that.”

It remains to be seen if Torres will receive a call from WWE to return to the company for another match or run, but the former superstar seems keen on the idea, provided that her family life leaves her with enough time to do so. Should she return for a one-off match, she’ll join talents like Kaitlyn, Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus, all of whom have made appearances to face off against today’s brightest stars.

The interview also saw Torres open up about an infamous botch which saw Kaitlyn taking her title shot, after accidentally winning a 2011 Battle Royale match because Torres messed up a spot.

According to Torres, some of the “best stories come from mistakes,” and she was happy for her colleague to get a push over her. Torres believes that if she’d won, it would have been a standard Divas title experience, whereas Kaitlyn’s win was unexpected and more interesting.