‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Reportedly Not Coming Directly To Streaming Services

Wonder Woman 1984 isn’t going to follow the lead of some other movie productions that changed plans in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. Warner Bros. Pictures has reportedly announced it will not be releasing the DC Comics adaptation to streaming services directly ahead of its big-screen launch.

Digital Spy reported the company still wants to release the film in theaters, bucking what has become a trend that took off at the end of last week.

The outbreak has hit the film industry hard and has forced some movies to have rather extremely adjusted launch plans. The Invisible Man and The Hunt were both released just a few weeks back in theaters but are now already on streaming services. Universal Studios has even come up with a new pricing scheme that offers rentals for those movies at $19.99.

That is a higher than usual price tag for rental movies on services like iTunes, but then again, they are showing up in the digital libraries months earlier than they normally would.

Wonder Woman 1984 is in a different situation because it isn’t due out for another few months. The question now is whether or not Warner Bros. will instead bump the release date back.

There have been a number of big arrivals being pushed from late spring to much later in the summer or beginning of fall. Most notably was Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow.

That film was meant to kick off the next phase in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but audiences will now have to wait until September to see it. So far, Wonder Woman 1984 hasn’t gotten that treatment.

At the moment, the company has been clear it expects to release the next Diana Prince standalone adventure in June. Industry insiders think that could change as most medical experts believe the coronavirus outbreak could still be raging at that time.

Wonder Woman 1984 is set in that year for a very specific reason, as The Inquisitr reported earlier. Consumerism will play a central role as the “big bad” Maxwell Lord is said to be offering people their heart’s desire, with a catch. Fans will also meet one of Wonder Woman’s greatest comic foes in Cheetah, who starts out as Diana’s friend but turns evil out of jealousy over her powers. Audiences will also see the return of Steve Trevor. That’s quite the twist since he died in the first Wonder Woman.

Those who have watched Justice League know he is long dead in that film as well, so hopefully Wonder Woman 1984 explains just what his return means in the upcoming movie. For now, at least, fans will need to wait until it hits theaters, rather than stream it on their devices, to find out.