Kaley Cuoco Reveals That There’s A Sanctuary For Rescue Rabbits In Her Garage

Ilya S. SavenokGetty Images

Kaley Cuoco revealed that her two rescue rabbits are living it up at her new place. On Saturday, the animal lover gave her fans a tour of the bunnies’ luxurious new digs in a series of videos that she uploaded to her Instagram stories.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Kaley is finally getting a chance to live in the dream house that she and her husband, Karl Cook, built, thanks to a forced hiatus from filming her HBO Max series The Flight Attendant in New York.

Like many people around the world, the former star of The Big Bang Theory has been spending as much time at home as possible lately. Much to the delight of her fans, this has meant that she’s also spent a lot of time on social media giving them an inside look at her new home.

Before she showed off the special area where her rabbits live, Kaley filmed a spoken disclaimer.

“For the millionth time, I am not a bunny expert,” Kaley said. “I am not a vet. I don’t suggest doing this or not doing this. This just worked for me and my two adorable rabbits.”

Kaley revealed that she calls her bunnies’ home inside her garage “The Hippity Hop House.” Her assistant, Emma Ross, even got her a special sign with the name of the small sanctuary on it.

Instead of a cage or large wooden hutch, Kaley’s rabbits were residing inside a small glass greenhouse that took up quite a bit of space in her large, temperature-controlled garage. Kaley revealed that Emma actually came up with the greenhouse idea, and she had it custom built for her bunnies.

The bunnies had three large windows inside their “little magical bunny kingdom” that let plenty of natural light in. There was also more than enough space for the two human-sized chairs that had been placed in the corners of the greenhouse.

Kaley’s rabbits had a litter box, a pair of two-story hutches with stairs, and a few tubes to hop through. Several other rabbit toys were scattered around, along with some tasty treats. Kaley revealed that she had recently given her “spoiled” pets some kale and carrots to snack on. She shared a video of her tan bunny, Simon, munching on the kale, and she added a graphic saying that he was “kale’n it.”

Kaley revealed that Simon spends a lot of time indoors, but her dark gray bunny, Leni, won’t let her touch him and is not a fan of hanging out inside the house. She also shared a few things that she’s learned about taking care of rabbits. According to the actress, fruit gives her bunnies diarrhea, and it’s actually bad to give the animals carrots too often due to the sugar content in the vegetables. Luckily, her rabbits’ favorite food is cilantro.