WWE News: Top ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Star Says He Isn’t Getting Paid By The Company Right Now

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WWE superstar Braun Strowman has caused a stir on social media in recent days. It started when he engaged in a Twitter back and forth with All Elite Wrestling’s Lance Archer, which then led to him arguing with fans and trolling people in the comments section. However, things took a polarizing turn when he criticized independent wrestlers for not being able to financially support themselves during the coronavirus. Afterward, Strowman revealed that he isn’t receiving any paychecks from the company right now.

As documented by WrestlingNews.co, a fan tweeted at Strowman and asked what he would do if he was in the same situation as the independent wrestlers who can’t make money right now. “The Monster Among Men” responded by informing the fan that he isn’t getting paid right now due to the terms and conditions of his contract.

“I get paid when I work. Private contractor. So nothing is coming in at the moment.”

However, according to Strowman, his lack of income at the moment hasn’t stopped him from being able to support himself and others, reaffirming his previous comments about independent wrestlers who are struggling right now.

“I am [not getting paid] and it sucks but I’m still working with charities to help get funds and supplies to people that can’t physically can’t go out and do it.”

As recalled in another report by WrestlingNews.co, Strowman took to Instagram to criticize wrestlers who are in need of financial help right now. He was responding to a post made by an account that’s often critical of AEW, whose superstar Evil Uno pleaded with fans to help independent wrestlers and companies survive the current pandemic by buying their merchandise and subscribing to their Patreon accounts.

Strowman, however, stated that no one took care of him before he made it to WWE and said that everyone should be accountable for their own situations. He also noted how he was broke when he moved to Florida seven years ago, but he worked hard and became a success story.

The former Intercontinental Champion also recalled how he gave up Strongman competitions because they couldn’t pay his bills, suggesting that wrestlers who aren’t making enough money should find other means of employment.

Strowman’s comments were not received well by his followers, with many criticizing him for his insensitivity during difficult times for his peers in the industry. It remains to be seen if he’ll be reprimanded by the company for discussing the nature of his contract as well, which will undoubtedly raise some questions about WWE’s business methods.