Lawmaker Steven Brooks Arrested Hours After Losing Job

Former Lawmaker Steven Brooks was arrested Thursday for resisting arrest and throwing objects mere hours after being expelled from his position in the Nevada Legislature. The ex-lawmaker has made quite the name for himself in past, garnering multiple arrests and making fellow Nevada lawmwakers nervous enough to vote to relieve him from his job. This marks Brook’s third arrest this year.

Brooks was arrested back in January when he threatened to shoot the speaker-elect of the Nevada state legislature, Marilyn Kirkpatrick. Police apprehended the lawmaker while he was armed with a loaded gun. His bail was set at $100,000.

He was arrested again in February on the suspicion that he attacked a family member. When a police officer arrived to break up the domestic dispute, Brooks reached for the officer’s weapon. He was charged with domestic battery and obstructing a public officer. His bail was set at $4,000.

The Associated Press reports that police arrested Brooks at 7 pm Thursday. He was taken to a San Bernardino County Jail in Rancho Cucamonga, California. His bail? $100,000.

The North Las Vegas Democrat was again accused of threatening Assembly Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick along with other lawmakers. No charges have yet been filed. Brook’s attorney Mitchel Posin maintains that Brooks poses no real threat to anyone.

Police found a gun and ammunition in Brook’s car. This comes after he was denied the purchase of a gun last month in Sparks, Nevada, a city of 90,000 located east of Reno.

Brooks was the first lawmaker in Nevada history to ever be expelled from the Legislature. The vote took place during a floor session that was short, but emotional. Speaker Marilyn Kirkpatrick, despite having been threatened multiple times before, was fighting tears as she called for the voice vote and declared Brooks to be expelled from the Assembly. Only a few lawmakers voted for Brooks to maintain his position in spite of his multiple arrests.

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