‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Maxie’s Considering Moving On & Lucy May Be Interested In Hiring Her

General Hospital spoilers tease that Maxie won’t be wasting any more time in trying to evaluate her career options. She covered for Nina at Crimson for months and approached her boss about the situation earlier this week. Now that Jax denied Nina’s request to give Maxie a raise, it looks like the publication might lose her entirely.

These issues regarding Maxie and her frustrations at Crimson have been building now for quite a while. She finally made her case for a promotion and raise to Nina, who realized it was the right thing to do.

Unfortunately, Nina then had to tell Maxie there would be no raise, and the starlet has vowed to get even. It appears that this means she will immediately start looking into other opportunities.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Lucy will be presenting an interesting proposal of some sort during Friday’s show. General Hospital spoilers have yet to confirm that the proposal will be connected to Maxie’s job search, but it seems likely.

Lucy and Maxie have already been working together in developing the collaboration between Deception and Crimson. Given Maxie’s work over the years with the magazine, changing gears to help Lucy and Sasha propel Deception to new levels could seem like a natural transition.

The sneak peek for Friday’s show suggests that Nina will be caught in an awkward position with this situation. New spoilers hint that Maxie and Jax will cross paths at the Crimson office, and something will spark concern for Nina.

Nina will ask Maxie if she’s already fielding other job offers, and she may well confirm that she is. Will she really branch out and tackle a new challenge in her career or will this compel Jax and Nina to provide an offer that will keep her with the magazine?

Maxie took on more and more responsibility at Crimson as Nina was distracted by personal issues. Not only that, but Maxie’s help was essential as Nina found herself handed this opportunity. She had no real experience, and she struggled a bit in getting up to speed with what her editor-in-chief job required.

Now that Maxie has finally stood up for herself, it seems unlikely she’ll find herself content to stay with Crimson. Even if Jax comes through with a big raise and new title, it sounds as if she may have now hit the point of no return.

Will Maxie branch out and start something that will ultimately be a direct competitor to Crimson? Will this work drama drive a permanent wedge between Nina and Maxie, despite their ties to one another due to Nathan? General Hospital spoilers tease that this situation could become quite tense, but viewers seem excited to see Maxie standing up for herself at last.

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